Is Anybody There?

Memoir of a “Functional Alcoholic”   


by George Albert DeFrehn III (Publication September 29, 2015)

This is the memoir of a college educated business person who made significant income and owned lots of “things,” including a vacation condo at an upscale beach resort in southern New Jersey.  It has both humorous and tragic elements BookCover-Final Revdescribing the author’s journey from alcoholism to sobriety.  He was respected in his community, a man of faith.  He never had a DUI, he never spent a night in jail, he never lost a job due to his drinking, he never had to be admitted to a rehab facility, he had never been told by friend or foe that he was an alcoholic, he was never thrown out of a restaurant (ok, out of bar or pub once or twice!) and he never purposely hurt anyone while drinking (or so he thought).



Then by faith, fortune, fate or just dumb luck he walked into a bookstore on his way to his vacation home and discovered a New York Times best seller written by a white-collar, educated, female journalist from New England that saved his life.  Well, that is NOT the entire story.  A few other people had their hand in his salvation from the disease of alcoholism.  These people ranged from a man named Tom who briefly met the author in Bosnia at the end of a war that was ravaging that country, to an alcoholic in recovery who is affectionately nicknamed “Gandhi, “ to two Native Americans named here as Running Badger and Bear.  As you will read there are many, many more.

So…if you or a loved one senses or believes that you are having an issue with booze, this book may be for you.  The author has no delusion that what he has written here will save anyone from the throes of this insidious disease.  He does believe, however, that he has the responsibility to “tell his story” so that you or someone that you know or love can also discover that there is life after alcohol and that one day, you too, will not only imagine but actually live life to its fullest without booze.

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4 Responses to Books

  1. Kathryn Phillips says:

    I read Carolyn Knapp’s book twice and just found yours. Hoping this will make me take a step toward recovery. But not sure I can.

    • George D says:

      Kathryn…hang in. This journey of sobriety is not a sprint but a marathon. You’re in prayer. I also discovered I could not do it alone. Find support. I found it in AA. Some people say AA is not for everyone…I discovered over 20 years that AA works “if you work it.” Keep the faith! Keep in touch. Peace.

  2. Jane Wood says:

    Your voice is wonderful and it was great to hear it again. I look forward to more!

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