Is Anybody There?

Memoir of a “Functional Alcoholic”

 A Finalist for the prestigious 2016 Eric Hoffer Award for Independent Publishers!!


      NOW available in both PRINT and eBook formats: 

                 SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

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Thank you!  I pray this book will shed some light on the disease of alcoholism for you, a loved one or supply the reader with additional knowledge about this insidious disease.

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Spring of 2018


Spring 2018

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  1. Jim Doherty says:

    I knew George back in Olney…at Overbrook. We lost touch for many years. My sister connected us again in recent months. I was not at all surprised that George was a success…after all, he was charming, witty, sincere, faith-filled and affable. What I did not see coming was the alcoholic part! IS ANYBODY THERE? was a stunning read.
    I have and will recommend this book to friends, colleagues and students…alcoholic and sober alike. I recently used it in class as a modern day parallel to Dante’s INFERNO… his descent into hell, his fear of the journey, the monster that blocked his path and the need for his guide. Dante’s guide was Virgil; George has several names for his guides. But those “guides” made both journeys made possible.
    George, I am looking forward to you next book and thanks for this read.

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